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Cash Collection by Phone

This training course will help you deal with the many excuses made for non payment and devise effective strategies in dealing with slow payers. In addition it will…


Suitable for those who want to improve response rates form outbound marketing campaigns by adopting a more focused and strategic approach in…

Sales Management

Learn how to adopt a leadership style that brings out the best in others. This course reviews the tools and techniques required to motivate a sales team…

Time Management

This course will help you to avoid working under pressure and perform your activities in a more structured, economical, coordinated and productive manner.

Dynamics of Selling
(Now Available Online)

This is our flagship course deals with every aspect of professional selling interaction. It will provide you with a unique insight into the selling process and…

Telephone Techniques

A skills course that includes all you need to know about business telephone etiquette and professional telephone call handling techniques…

Retail Selling

This course will help you engage with customers in a more confident and informed manner and capitalise on up selling opportunities to generate extra…


This course will help you generate extra sales revenue by becoming more skilled at developing business on the telephone and becoming more confident in controlling…

Closing Sales

This course will help you develop a more assertive style of selling by becoming more proactive at the crucial closing stages of your transactions…

Sales Negotiation

Suitable for all sales executives who are required to achieve mutually acceptable outcomes to their transactions and overcome the ploys used by…

Selling Strategies

Similar in nature to the ‘Dynamics of Selling’ this course includes additional content that will appeal to the more experienced professional…

Customer Service

Highly interactive courses to enable you perform your work activities to the highest standard of professionalism…

Presentation Skills

Suitable for anybody who has to make a presentation, but if winning a decision is dependent on its impact then the benefits to some will be very valuable indeed…

Core Management Skills

  Suitable for all supervisors and front-line managers this course will provide you with a comprehensive insight into the key competencies and skills required to succeed at…