Creative Bespoke In House Solutions

Cost Effective & Company Specific

The culture and leadership style within your organisation are what makes you different.

These are the factors that affect the behaviour and performance of your people and Quinn Training provide you with an assurance that they will be reflected in the design and content of your in-company bespoke training programme.

A More Sustained Performance Improvement

A lot of our website content is devoted to promoting our flagship scheduled courses.

This is concealing the fact that most of our time is spent delivering customised in company training programmes for clients.

A built bespoke solution where content topics are exclusively tailored to the development needs of participants is more likely to bring about a greater level of team cohesion and better implementation of the outlined concepts and techniques.

Course Evaluation and Support

We are committed to helping you achieve improved standards of performance in your teams and individuals. Our post course activities include rigorous course evaluation/ feedback assessment procedures. This simply means we stay with you beyond the training to ensure the acquired learning in being applied and expectations in terms of results are achieved.

Where To Start ?

Get in touch: Have a private chat with me David Quinn on (086) 8516446 and let me know what’s on your mind.

I’ll prepare a short training proposal for you, comprising of stated objectives, recommended course content, expected outcomes and a quotation.

Don’t worry it’s free of charge!

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